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Recently, I had a great pleasure and fantastic opportunity to create illustrations for the publication on unpaid labor of Polish women in times of the pandemic – Nieodpłatna praca kobiet polskich w pandemii by Laura Blonkowska, Hanna Bulik, Łukasz Hawrylak, Anna Herman, Piotr Krzywicki, Sylwia Kwaśniewska and Monika Łukaszek.

Together with one of the co-authors, we decided that the illustrations should stay in rather delicate, almost pastel hues to add a bit of lightness to this serious text, while the strokes should maintain its organic quality. At the same time, it was important that these images would convey emotions present in interviews published alongside this research.

This researched published by Wydawnictwo Gnome is available as pdf (for free, in Polish) here.
The project on unpaid labor by women was carried out as part of the Heterogeneous Problems program, in which students of the Individual Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Silesia in Katowice participated.

Illustration by Magdalena van der Kind for the publication Nieodpłatna praca kobiet polskich w czasie pandemii
Mock-up using Selective Focus Photo of Magazine on White Background by Dominika Roseclay.

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