Delicate floral design

A middle of the winter is a great moment to revisit memories of the spring.

Using watercolors, I have painted a variety of flowers and leaves that I digitized afterwards. The benefit of using digital elements like this is the versatility. Using those digital hand-painted elements, I created floral compositions that can be re-arranged still many times to come. I can change the colors and shading, depending on the project I am working on, too.

One of the ways I used those digital floral compositions was a set of labels as well as a name poster. I have prepared all of them in order to customize a birthday present, which I have prepared for a member of my family.

Floral arrangement name poster by Magdalena van der Kind, PixaLove, 2020.
Modern Poster Mockup Vol.4 by Anthony Boyd Graphics.
Floral arrangement champagne label by Magdalena van der Kind, PixaLove, 2020.
Wine Bottle Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics.

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